Next Scottish Thistles Event

The year begins with a trip to Carlisle for matches against local sides on Sunday 19 January.

2020 is a busy year for Scottish Thistles, with the highlights being the World Cup in Japan in November and European events in France in March, Netherlands in April and Italy in July.

UK events include trips to Carlisle in January, English Midlands in early May and Southgate in late May for the Four Nations Tournament, Cockermouth in June, Swansea at the end of July, Durham in September and a projected trip to Bedford in October.

At home, August sees the first Spirit of Masters Tournament, to be held in Dundee and the annual Scottish Thistles Club Tournament will take place in September in Edinburgh.

See the 2020 Calendar for dates and for additional training sessions, as well as links to the Scottish Thistles composite Doodle poll for 2020