Germany v Scotland Leverkusen 2007

World Championships 2007 Leverkusen - Germany and Scotland Over 60s


Full membership of the Scottish Masters LX Hockey Club for 2020 is open to all players aged 58 or over by 31 December 2020, with Junior Membership available to those approaching the big date. Current subscriptions are £20 for a player or player and partner. If you are not a member of a Scottish hockey club, there is an additional fee of £40 payable to Scottish Hockey on your behalf.

WMH rules currently allow certain international sides, in exceptional circumstances, to apply to name up to two players (three for Over 70 teams) who are not more than two years below the minimum age (60, 65 or 70 on 31 December of the year of the event) in the national squad. Full age qualification applies when you will reach the appropriate age at any time during the calendar year of the tournament. It now seems likely that the only Scotland and Scottish Thistles teams which would be allowed underage players would be in the Over 70 age group.

For minor Scottish Thistles fixtures, the rules about underage players are usually more relaxed and any full or junior member can play in these matches at home or abroad.

Non playing members are welcome too and many players take their wives (who can join as associate members at no extra cost) on tour. There are opportunities for players of all levels, from those like George Black, David Cassell and Fred Lawson who have many full international caps to those who have taken up the game later in life.

Apply to join

or if you want to find out more about Over 60 hockey in Scotland, contact us by email at:

Scotland LX at Googlemail dot com

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There is currently no selection for friendly Scottish Thistles fixtures other than first-come, first-served so all you have to do is apply quickly! You will also be guaranteed a fair share of pitch time, whatever your standard of play. If you are old enough, you are good enough. The new Scottish Thistles Sub Committee has introduced a two tier system with selection for major tournaments while retaining the policy of no selection for other tournaments and matches.

Selection for all Scotland Over 60, Over 65 and Over 70 international teams has up to now been managed by the club but moves are underway to pass on responsibility for selection to a Masters body for all age groups reporting directly to Scottish Hockey.

There are separate coaches for each international side and they will work to this document setting out selection criteria (PDF) - subject to update.

To be eligible to play for Scotland, a player shall:

*A player to whom (2) applies remains qualified notwithstanding a change in Residence or Club.