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World Great Grand Masters Hong Kong 2008

The over 65s as usual suffered from an inability to convert possession into goals and managed only a scoreless draw against Australia Over 70s and a win against Japan in their five qualifying matches before defeating Japan in the 5th/6th play off. 88 year old George Dunbar, who had last visited Hong Kong 65 years before on board a Japanese prison ship on his way to a prisoner of war camp in Japan, had the satisfaction of scoring a goal against the Japanese. George, who was treated like a hero by his Japanese opponents, was awarded Scotland’s only trophy when he received a special ‘longevity’ award in the presentation ceremony.

Squad: Aird, Bremner, Cassell, DiRollo, G. Dunbar, Farrow, Forster, Fraser, Horsley, Keddie, Monaghan, Morrice, Paterson, Ree

Results – Great Grand Masters (Over 65s)

Scotland 0 England 6

Japan 1 Scotland 5 (Keddie 2, Aird, Morrice, G. Dunbar)

Australia SGM 0 Scotland 0

Scotland 0 Germany 8

Australia 4 Scotland 0

Scotland finished in fifth place in the qualifying section and played off with Japan for 5th/6th place.

Scotland 3 (Ree 3) Japan 0









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