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Sunday 2 March 2008 DISC Dundee

Trial/practice games for European Championships in Spain, and AGM. The matches took the form of a round robin (three games of 30 minutes one way). The AGM took place in the Apex Hotel at 15:00, immediately following a short EGM to decide on changes in the management structure.

Team A (over 60s) TEAM B (Over 65) TEAM C
George Black Ron Fraser George Dunbar
Alan Auld Rab Keddie Peter Monaghan
Alan Bryce Norrie Springford* Howard Andrew
Doug Caren Alan Strachan* Alex Cathro
Ian Downie Sandy Weir* Roy Crichton
Douglas Dunlop Alan Bremner Tony Duguid
Allan Golightly David Cassell Ben Johnson**
David Margerison Ernie DiRollo Jim Mitchinson
Dave McIntosh Keith Forster Alistair Philip
Mike McLintock Kieran McLernan Colin Skinner
Murdoch Shirreffs Doug Morrice Colin Tucker
Jim White

* Over 60s playing in Over 65s team
** Welsh Over 60 player








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