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European Superveterans Trophy  2006 Bronze Medal

European Superveterans Over 60 Championship
9-11 June 2006 Bra Italy

The Over 60 European Championship for 2006 was fought out by England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Scotland in a round robin played in Bra, Italy.

Scotland won the bronze medal behind England and Germany after wins over Netherlands and Italy.

The Scottish Thistles team also finished third in the unofficial Over 60 competition, again finishing behind England and Germany.


Auld, Andrew, Black, Bremner, Crichton, Downie, Duguid, Fraser, Keddie, Lawson, McLernan, Morrice, Monaghan, Philip (Capt.), Phillips, Strachan

Scottish Thistles

Black, Bryce, Caren, Cassell, DiRollo, Forster, Fraser, McIntosh, Margerison (guest), Mitchinson, Weir (Capt.), White

Umpires: Smith, Toner

Pool A Results (European Superveterans Over 60 Championship)

Germany 1, Scotland 0

Scotland 2 (Duguid 2), Netherlands 1

Scotland 0, England 3

Scotland 1 (Crichton), Italy 0

Pool C Results (unofficial competition)

Scottish Thistles 1, England O 60/2 1

Scottish Thistles 2, Netherlands O 60/2 1

Scottish Thistles 0, Germany O 60/2 4

Scottish Thistles 0, England O 65/2 1

Scottish Thistles 1, Alliance O 65 0

Scottish Thistles 2, Alliance O 60 0